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Most fire apparatus are similar to passenger vehicles and trucks. It is not unusual for fire departments to buy apparatus built on a commercial two or four door cab and chassis since this type of vehicle is usually less expensive than a custom chassis. Fire apparatus built on a custom chassis usually put the driver and company officer in the front of the cab and the firefighters in the rear. Until the late 1970's most departments carried firefighters on the rear step or along the sides of the vehicle. Beginning in the 1960's many fire apparatus builders began offering seats behind the cab which provided more safety for the firefighters. Some of these included  partial cover offering some protection from the weather. Eventually the cabs were fully enclosed increasing safety and comfort. Many apparatus still carry the firefighters in the back of the cab in rear facing seats, forward facing folding seats are often included allowing additional personnel to be carried. Most modern custom fire apparatus can carry 4 to 7 firefighters in the cab, but cabs with seats for as many as 10 firefighters exist. 

Command vehicles are used by chief officers and usually include additional radios, work tables, local maps, general incident plans and the chief's safety equipment. The equipment may be organized into a commercial cabinet unit, or stored in a variety of storage containers. 

Ambulances have become fairly standardized with large amounts of storage space, a gurney and a bench or seats for the crew and additional patients. Most ambulances have the gurney on the left side and the attendants seat on the right, but some agencies reverse this arrangement.


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Cab, Captain's side Cab, Driver's side Cab, rear Cab, folding seat
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Cab, Drivers side Cab, rear Cab, folding seat Cab, Captain's side
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Cab, Captain's side Cab, rear Cab, Driver's side Cab, rear
cab13.jpg (63884 bytes) cab14.jpg (79937 bytes) lightradiomount.jpg (42211 bytes) command1.jpg (71795 bytes)
Cab, Captain's side Cab, rear Cab, light boxes Command vehicle
commanda3.jpg (71249 bytes) 1963 cadamb3.jpg (72995 bytes) 1971 sub ambulance6.jpg (53553 bytes) ambc3.jpg (67858 bytes)
Command vehicle Hearse style ambulance interior  SUV style ambulance interior Van ambulance interior
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Modular ambulance interior, rear doors Modular ambulance interior, side door Large modular ambulance interior Large modular ambulance interior


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