Bald Mountain Models

The Bald Mountain Fire Protection District is a fictional fire department I created for some of my models. It is a semi-rural county fire protection district set in the United States during the early 1960's.



1948 Ford F-3 Brush Truck (1/25 scale)

brush1.jpg (46150 bytes) brush2.jpg (39919 bytes) brush3.jpg (45359 bytes)

The vehicle

This is a light wildland engine built on a 3/4 ton truck, it uses a PTO pump and carries 200 gallons of water.  It has benches in the rear to carry additional firefighters. Since it is assigned to a station in a more civilized part of the county it doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

The model

I used Maisto's 1948 1/25 scale Ford F-1 die cast kit. The firefighting equipment was scratch built, some resin parts were used for detail. The wheels came from AMT's Hogan Heroes Jeep kit.



1960 Chevrolet Rescue  (1/25 scale)

rescue1.jpg (41758 bytes) rescue2.jpg (36592 bytes)

The vehicle

This is a light rescue truck built on a Chevrolet 1 ton truck chassis. It carries a variety of tools and portable lights to support fire ground operations. It has a gas powered generator built into a rear compartment.

The model

I used the AMT 1/25 scale 1960 Chevrolet Custom Fleetside for the cab and chassis. The rescue body is scratch built from styrene with resin and PE detail parts.