Photo submission guidelines

I do accept photos related to apparatus and equipment, however I do ask that they meet some criteria. I am not running this site just to show off apparatus, I try to make sure the photos offer something to model builders. A single photo of an apparatus usually isn't that helpful to builders because it doesn't show the whole apparatus. At a minimum I need 2 photos showing as much as possible the front, rear and both sides, for more unusual equipment I am more forgiving, but for common apparatus I really try to stick to this. I post the photos at 800x600 resolution so I need photo submissions to be this size or larger.


Some examples


This is what I like in a 2 photo set up, this shows all 4 sides fairly well. With larger apparatus and more complex equipment I prefer more but this will do.


In a perfect world all apparatus photo series would have a set up like this


Obviously smaller vehicles don't require as many photos to show off their details, while more is good, something like this is usually sufficient for a brush truck or light rescue.


Command vehicles, utilities, police cars etc usually only need 2 photos like this.


Since its not a perfect world I take what I can get, something like this is still useful, particularly since it is different from most of the other engines I already have.



Since the model companies don't really support this segment of the hobby many builders fabricate equipment to put on their models, for photos of equipment, I need a good photo or photos showing enough detail to help someone build a scale version, I also try to include something to indicate the size, a ruler or yard stick works well but something common (soda can etc) that can be used to make a rough estimate is fine, for another brand of a common item like an SCBA this is less important since all are similar in size.

Here is an example using a Stihl 036 chainsaw.


Although I already have a pretty good selection showing how many items are mounted on apparatus I am sure there is room for more. Take a look at that section then let me know if you think you have something new to add.


I am trying to show a variety of apparatus, not a particular departments inventory (although if you have something like that I might be able to it into another section). I don't need photos of 5 engines from the same department if they are more or less identical (similar year, same make etc), a new Seagrave ladder truck and the American LaFrance ladder the same department got 2 years ago would be fine though as they are different. Similarly two identical 2005 E-One engines from different departments should be fine too since the color scheme is probably different and there are usually differences in what equipment is carried and how it is mounted on the apparatus. I am not really looking for fire scene photos, however good apparatus photos that meet the above recommendations that happen to be taken at a fire scene are fine.


Information I need / would like with photos

Photographers name as they want it posted, I can only accept photos from the photographer or their representative (for those techno-impaired photographers). If copyright info is included on the photo please keep it to a minimum and don't cover the apparatus, I want photos of apparatus not copyright info.

If known the make, model and year of the apparatus or your best guess. There is usually a plate showing the builder mounted on the apparatus somewhere.

As some people have become rather sensitive since 9/11 regarding their emblems etc I do not post info about which department apparatus came from or post close ups of their emblems. Most modelers know where they can buy decals for the larger departments or can make their their own decals of local agencys.


Thank you, hope you enjoy the site.




So if you have photos you would like to have added, please feel free to contact me.