Equipment Mounting

Fire apparatus carry large amounts of equipment. Older vehicles carried the most of their equipment exposed for easy access. Modern fire apparatus carries more equipment and much of it is stored inside the cab or compartments in the body, but even the most modern vehicles still carry a large amount of this equipment on the exterior. 

Hose is one of the most common items carried externally. On newer vehicles it often has a cover to protect it from the elements but the covers are usually open at the rear to allow it to be fed off the truck quickly. There are three common methods of loading hose, the flat load, accordion load and the horse shoe load. The flatload is the most common style of load on current vehicles since the hose is usually made of mildew resistant synthetic materials and is often covered. The horseshoe and accordion loads were popular into the early 1980's when cotton jacketed hose was used since it provided better water drainage and air flow around the hose. Preconnected attack lines are now a fairly standard feature but these only started to appear in the late 1960's and early 70's. Prior to this many departments used a finish load, this was a pre-assembled collection of hose and nozzle connected to the end of a hose load, it was generally a smaller diameter hose than the main load, often two finish loads were connected with a wye. These loads are still occasionally seen today as they are useful when the engine can not park close the the fire location.  

It is very common to mount tools on the outside of the vehicle, this is often done so that firefighters can grab the tools as they exit the vehicle. Other items like ladders and portable water tanks are often mounted externally because of their size. 

Breathing apparatus is generally stored in the cab and special seats are available allowing firefighters to wear the SCBA while riding in the seat. The drivers breathing apparatus is often stored in a compartment near the cab. Not all apparatus provide easy mounting for breathing apparatus in the cab, so another popular place is in a compartment. This is particularly common in commercial cab apparatus and smaller vehicles, it was also a common practice on vehicles designed in the 1960's and 70's since this was the period when the use of breathing apparatus was becoming more of an accepted standard but its use was not universal. In addition to the breathing apparatus, vehicles are supposed to carry at least one extra air cylinder for each air pack. Some vehicles have small doors covering storage tubes for air cylinders, the space above the wheel wells is a popular for this type of storage.   

Some departments have a special key allowing them to access commercial buildings without forcing entry. These keys are stored in a code protected box generally kept in the cab of a vehicle. The light mounted on the box indicates the key has been removed.


flat load.jpg (34554 bytes) accordion load.jpg (34338 bytes) horseshoe load.jpg (39203 bytes) finishload.jpg (42247 bytes)
Flat hose load Accordion hose load Horseshoe hose load Finish load
flat.jpg (44658 bytes) accordion.jpg (54394 bytes) horse.jpg (50520 bytes) hoseload1.jpg (24815 bytes)
Flat load Accordion load Horseshoe load Hose load 

(5" / 3" / 3" / 5")

hoseload2.jpg (23747 bytes) flatload3.jpg (60155 bytes) hoseload4.jpg (20195 bytes) hoseload5.jpg (39001 bytes)
Hose load 

(2.5" / 5" / 1.75")

Hose load 

(suction / 3" / 3")

Hose load 

(suction / 2.5" / 3" / 5" / suction)

Hose load

(2.5" / 3" / 1.75" / 3")

axemount1.jpg (49778 bytes) axemount2.jpg (79746 bytes) ironsmount1.jpg (47024 bytes) toolmount4.jpg (49488 bytes)
Axe mount Axe mount Irons mount Sledge hammer mount
toolmount3.jpg (51859 bytes) toolmount1.jpg (42193 bytes) toolmount5.jpg (44267 bytes) toolmount2.jpg (49230 bytes)
Pike pole mount Pike pole mount Pike pole / attic ladder mount Wildland tools mounted
sawmount.jpg (61949 bytes) sawmount1.jpg (63349 bytes) ppvmount.jpg (52846 bytes) truckf11.jpg (94423 bytes)
Saw Mount Saw Mount Ventilation fan Ventilation fan
manifoldmount.jpg (53168 bytes) nozzlemount1.jpg (63266 bytes) monitormount1.jpg (39805 bytes) portdeckgun.jpg (72735 bytes)
Manifold mount Nozzle mounts Portable monitor mount Portable monitor mount
portabletank1.jpg (51210 bytes) portabletank2.jpg (59040 bytes) headknocker2.jpg (49165 bytes) laddermount3.jpg (60902 bytes)
Folding tank mount Folding tank mount Padded ladder cover Ladder side mount
laddermount4.jpg (65698 bytes) laddermount7.jpg (77295 bytes) laddermount5.jpg (54242 bytes) laddermount8.jpg (94375 bytes)
Ladder / draft hose side mount Ladder side mount Ladder side mount Combination ladder top mount
woodladdermount.jpg (71207 bytes) laddermount9.jpg (60290 bytes) truckb3.jpg (72365 bytes) truckf7.jpg (66451 bytes)
Ladder / draft hose side mount Ladder / pike pole internal rear mount Ladder open rear mount Ladder / pike pole internal rear mount
laddermount1.jpg (86595 bytes) laddermount2.jpg (85152 bytes) laddermount11.jpg (118257 bytes) laddermount12.jpg (98532 bytes)
Ladder side mount hydraulic rack (stowed) Ladder side mount hydraulic rack (down) Ladder top mount hydraulic rack (stowed) Ladder top mount hydraulic rack (down)
laddermount10.jpg (45832 bytes) tripodmount.jpg (38596 bytes) scbamount1.jpg (73630 bytes) scbamount2.jpg (57528 bytes)
Ladder top mount Tripod mount SCBA compartment mount SCBA compartment mount
scbamount4.jpg (72758 bytes) scbamount3.jpg (47756 bytes) scbamount5.jpg (65499 bytes) scbamount6.jpg (77483 bytes)
SCBA compartment door mount SCBA seat mount SCBA seat mount SCBA seat mount
scbaspare.jpg (49429 bytes) knox.jpg (50087 bytes)    
Spare SCBA bottle wheel mount Key lock panel    


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