Many fire department vehicles carry a generator for powering electrical equipment and lights. Some of these use a small portable generator which may be removed for use away from the vehicle, others mount larger generators that are permanently mounted on the vehicle. The typical generator found on fire apparatus can provide 3-5 Kilowatts but some vehicles have generators of 10-25 Kilowatts, occasionally even larger generators are seen but these are generally restricted to special purpose vehicles. Some vehicles have simple arrangements just using the outlets provided on the generator but some vehicles have more complex arrangements including electrical control panels, power outlets and lights built into the body of the vehicle. Remote control units exist allowing the generator to be mounted in a less accessible location. 

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Portable generator Portable generator  Portable generator Portable generator
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Portable generator Portable generator with light Generator Generator
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Generator Generator Mounted generator Mounted generator
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Mounted generator Mounted generator Remote control Electrical panel
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Outlet Outlet Outlet  


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