Hazardous materials vehicles carry a large amount of specialized equipment including chemical detection / identification kits, protective suits, gas detectors, radiation detection equipment, material to stop leaks, build containment dams or neutralize chemicals. Many fire department vehicles also carry detection equipment to help them recognize the need for more advanced help. Due to cost and training requirements this equipment may be restricted to certain vehicles such as Chief's vehicles or Rescues, other departments may issue these on every piece of front line equipment. Prior to the 1990's this equipment was fairly rare.

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Flammable gas detector

This is a simple device that detects the presence of flammable gasses.

Flammable gas detector

This is a simple device that detects the presence of flammable gasses.

Gas detector 

This is a more complex detector that detects flammable gasses as well as other dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide. It also measures oxygen levels to ensure adequate oxygen is present.

Gas detector

This is another style of gas detector.

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Hot stick

This device detects the presence of electricity. It is primarily used when working around damaged power lines or transformers. 

Geiger counter

This is a device used to measure the presence of radioactive material.

Test kit

This equipment is used to identify the characteristics (corrosive, toxic etc) of an unknown substance.

Test kit in case

This is a sturdy protective case used to store the equipment.

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Drum repair kit

This is a tool kit used to stop leaks in storage drums or small tanks. It includes patch compounds, non-sparking tools and various plugs.


These are examples of tools that can be used near hazardous materials. They are made of plastic to avoid sparks.



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