While there are now many chemicals used to fight fire, the primary means of putting out a fire is still water. There are a variety of sizes of hose used for this purpose. Smaller hoses are used for wildfires or mopping up hot spots after the main fire is extinguished. Common fire service hose sizes range from 1" to 5", hoses larger than 3" in diameter are only used for water supply. Hard sleeve hose is used for drafting from a static source such as a pond or swimming pool.

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1" hose, 100 feet, single roll

This is a small diameter hose used for wildland fires. It is a single jacketed hose instead of the standard double jacket making it very light weight. 

1" hose, 100 feet, twin roll

Because of the size 100 foot sections of hose are often rolled into a twin roll instead of a single roll.

1.5" hose, 100 feet

This is a 1.5" single jacket hose used for wildland fires.

1.75" hose, 50 feet

1.5", 1.75" and 2" are popular sizes of hose for pre-connected quick attack lines. The protective jacket is much thicker than hose used for wildland fires.

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2.5" hose, 50 feet

This is a large diameter attack line. This also used to be a popular size for supplying pumpers but modern high capacity pumps require a larger supply hose. 

3" hose, 50 feet

Another large diameter attack line, it does not offer much in attack over the 2.5" but can efficiently supply twice as much water to a pumper making it a useful dual purpose line. 

2.5" hose, 15 feet

A short section of 2.5". Hoses like this are often used by brush engines to fill from fire hydrants.

5" hose

4" and 5" hose are commonly known as LDH (large diameter hose) and are used for supplying pumpers.

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Assorted hose

Hose is available in many sizes and colors. Many departments color code their hose to aid identification.

Assorted hose

More hose.

Hose couplings

Hoses showing female couplings, 1.75" hose with 1.5" couplings, 2.5" coupling, and 3" hose with 2.5" couplings. 

4.5" hose coupling

Most fire hydrants have a 4.5" connection, this is a 4.5" coupling used to connect a pumper to a hydrant. 

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5" Stortz coupling

Stortz couplings are a unisex connection commonly used on large diameter hose.

Draft hose

2.5" and 5" hard sleeve suction hoses used to allow a pumper to draw water from a static source such as a pool or pond. Drafting hose comes in sizes from 1.5" to 6". Larger sizes may be found for special purpose apparatus like New York Cities Superpumper.


Draft hose

Close up of the male coupling of draft hose.

Draft hose

Close up of the female coupling of draft hose. The "wings" on either side allow a rubber mallet to be used to tighten or loosen the connection.  


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High rise pack

Very large or tall buildings often have special plumbing for firefighters known as standpipes. Fires in these buildings require hose to be carried into the building while the pumper connects to the standpipe outside. This pack includes 150 feet of 1.75" hose. 

High rise pack

This is another hose pack with 150 feet of 1.75" hose. It also includes a tool pouch.


High rise packs

Two sizes of hose pack, the one on the right holds 150 feet of 1.75" hose and a tool pouch. The one on the left carries 50 feet of 2.5" hose and 75 feet of 1.75" hose, it also has a wye allowing two hose lines to be used from the 2.5" hose.


High rise pack

This is another hose pack, it includes 100 feet of 1.75" hose and a tool pouch.

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Wildland hose pack

Wildland fires often require long hose lays, which are extended as the firefighters progress. Packs like this are used to carry the hose.


Wildland hose pack

Another view of the pack.

Wildland hose pack

This is another style of hose pack.


Wildland hose pack

Another view of the pack.


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Wildland hose pack

This style of hose pack allows rolled hose to be carried. It includes a tool pouch.


Wildland hose pack

Another view of the pack.


Wildland hose pack

This style of pack is made with nylon cord, the hose forms the straps of the pack.



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